History of the foundation

History of the foundation

The Pécs Community Foundation (PKA) was registered in 2016 and founded by 9 private individuals. The membership has changed over the past few years but the foundation continues to be made up of 9 members. For the time being all members are volunteers except for the Managing Director who is partially employed.

Founders perceived the city to have been in a critical situation and its future perspectives fragile. Whilst Pécs has been considered an attractive and prestigious city, residents of the city have often been unsatisfied with the potential the city could offer. However, locals do like the city itself, although many youngsters decide to leave their hometown.

Participation of civic communities in the different processes and projects is rather weak. Prospects, larger cohesion and the implementation of good practices are needed to boost local zest and the constructive ability to cope.

Objectives and values:

The Pécs Community Foundation pools donations into its social grant-making facility, stimulates cooperation, pursues new partnerships and supports projects based on civil participation.

Donators receive feedback on the results of their donations.

PKA is committed to the development of social initiatives, supporting local, good causes that raise the interest of local, responsible supporters.

Members of the foundation are motivated by their love of their city, their responsibility regarding the city’s future and their convincement in terms of knowledge, creativity, cooperation and donation of all those who can help them achieve a more satisfying life in Pécs. The foundation aims to raise awareness of the responsibility for the future of the Pécs communities and to strengthen the ability to help themselves.

PKA aspires to mobilize local society and encourage enterprises to donate on a regular basis forming partnerships in projects of social responsibility.

PKA wishes to establish relationships spanning different sectors, addressing its expats living either in different Hungarian cities or abroad.

Funds offered by PKA

The Pécs Community Foundation has been supported by almost 700 private persons or enterprises since its establishment until the end of 2020, to be more exact the financial support was donated by 77 enterprises and 676 private persons resulting in an endowment of 16.721 million HUF.

Donations are pooled into three substructures that are expendable any time. If an enterprise or a private person wishes to support a definite social project by making an ample donation, PKA takes responsibility to operate the project, to find the initiatives that are worthy of the support and provides professional partnership. Grand donors can assign their own priorities and a new fund can be named upon them.

The Strength of Neighbourhood Funds:

Social, public initiatives associated with the place of residence, strengthening the bonds and cooperation within a given area of the city and among different parts of the city.

Fund for the Future of Pécs:

This was created to stimulate novel, democratic solutions for long-standing problems, to support local projects that dare take brave steps to shape the future of the city and bring innovations into the Pécs-reality.

A 100 Friends of the Pécs Community Foundation:

This fund can be spent on general causes based on trustworthy relationships resulting in increasing social engagement.

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