Pécs Bike Maffia-ÚSZÓINK-Andreas B. Graff

I am a Norwegian medical student representing Pecs Bike Mafia for Swimathon Pécs 2020! And I have a crush… on swimming! I used to be a runner. It was my favourite way to explore nature, push limits and meet new people. Last year, a leg injury put a stop to it and I had to look elsewhere for adventure! Then I saw an ad for an ocean swim across the fjord of Oslo and thought „why not”? Long story short, a positive attitude only gets you so far (5.5km to be exact) and I was rescued by the coastguard! But the adventure and great people I met underway made a lasting impression and I continued to swim. Since then, I have met swimmers from all over the world seen amazing places and made lifelong memories. When asked to be a Swimathon2020 ambassador I decided to make it another adventure! Only this time I hope to promote the important work of Pécs Bike Mafia and encourage your support! I will donate 500 HUF per KM I swim until Oct 17 and if we reach the goal of 100 000 HUF / 300 Euro within October 17 th I will celebrate your charity with a 10 000m swim!

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